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Marble Surface


The Church Ministries (TCM) is a Bible based, Christ centered movement started in South India during the late 1980s. The primary objective of TCM is to lead a pious and simple Christian life in  total obedience to the Word of God, with a clear perspective of Right Doctrine - Right Life - Right Ministry. Led by an Apostolic-Prophetic team, TCM provides a common platform focusing on planting local churches and trans-local ministries catering to the various needs of the local churches. The various activities of TCM include Church Planting, Discipleship Training, Intercession, Missionary Outreach, Publications, Youth Ministries, Care Ministries etc.

"For the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ" - Rev. 1:9


Fern Plant

AUG 14
SEP 03

Fasting and Prayer for The Church at Kundara

Palm Trees

OCT 02

TCM Family Retreat

Green Leaves

OCT 21
OCT 23

Monsoon Youth Camp

Tropical Leaves

DEC 23
DEC 24

Annual Retreat for

The Church at Trivandrum 

Magnified Grass

DEC 29
DEC 31

Bible Study Camp for

The Church at Kundara